Tatoeba /たとえば/ noun

a free collaborative online database of example sentences geared towards foreign language learners. Tatoeba contains over 2,000,000 sentences in 118 languages. more...

10 000 Sentences /tɛn ˈθaʊ.znd ˈsɛntənsɪz/ noun

a language learning method utilizing a technique of spaced repetition with flashcards. Originally popularized on the AJATT blog, it can be used for learning any language. more...

TaToTen /tætuːtɛn/ noun

TaToTen.com is a tool to help you create 10 000 sentences from Tatoeba. imore...

Tatoeba to 10 000 Sentences

TaToTen is an online tool to help you learn a foreign language.

Traditional language learning methods, concentrating on text books and grammar tables may give you a technical knowledge of a language's structure, but don't help you learn everyday language that you can use in conversation.

Learning real world phrases is an efficient way to learn a language as you learn vocabulary and sentence structure at the same time.

TaToTen lets you select example sentences in your chosen language that you can then learn, using a SRS program.

Get started, Choose your languages

How it works

  1. Select the language you speak and the language you want to learn, and submit the form
  2. Choose the sentences you want to learn. You can either choose from all available sentences, or search for a particular word or phrase that you want to learn
  3. Download the sentences and load them into your spaced repetition flashcard program (anki, supermemo, Mnemosyne...)
  4. Learn the sentences ;-)